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The Benefits of Exposed Soffit Ceiling and How to Integrate into Your Interior Space

March 29, 2022

A ceiling is the overhead interior surface that has been emphasised as the fifth wall. Adding as the finishing touch, a creative ceiling can completely change the look of a room, taking a space from so-so to stunning.

Soffit Ceiling

In this article, we highlight the benefits of an exposed ceiling soffit and show you how Rockfon Eclipse helps to unleash your creativity. 

A ceiling protects and gives space for mechanical, electrical, and ventilation installations. They're the surface where you install speakers, lighting fixtures, fire and smoke detectors, and the like.

What Is a Soffit Ceiling? 

The term "soffit" refers to the visible underside of any architectural piece, whereas a ceiling is officially the highest surface. Taking these two meanings into consideration, the soffit ceiling is an aesthetically pleasing finish to the "technical" ceiling, hiding any tubing or unsightly structural features to create a consistent and spotless visual picture. 

Let’s explore different advantages you would receive, when choosing an exposed soffit ceiling. 

What Are the Benefits of an Exposed Soffit Ceiling? 

In some buildings, the interior calls for an “unfinished” ceiling and then expose the structural and mechanical components. That’s when we use an exposed soffit ceiling. It offers economic advantages and ease of accessing the installations for maintenance. It can also expose the thermal mass to easily access, install, and maintain heating or cooling elements. 

The exposed ceiling trend is getting popular as it offers more design flexibility and lighting options. It gives an industrial look and making the rooms more spacious as you’ve the extra height. However, by removing the suspended ceiling tiles there is a need to replace the lost acoustic benefits. 

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The advantages of exposed soffit ceiling are many but some of the most noticeable ones are highlighted below:   

  • One of the most significant benefits of soffit ceilings is their adaptability. Soffits are crucial for any place for a variety of reasons, including covering an ugly surface, protecting vital piping, and just adding refinement to design. 

  • You will get more natural light in your interior due to the added height, which fosters the feeling of spaciousness where the light can reflect. 
  • A better indoor climate as the hot air has somewhere to travel. With the higher ceiling height, you give the heat a place to travel to, consequently makes your spaces feel cooler and more pleasant. 

  • You can be creative with how to make the interior stand out. Lower ceilings make rooms feel smaller and more claustrophobic. Exposed ceilings have the opposite effect, making the room appear larger and allowing for more design freedom. Add a raw element to the design as you expose the ventilation or other installations giving it an industrial touch. Or play around with different frames or islands to add that extra “icing on the cake” for the interior to stand out. 

What Acoustic Products to Choose for an Interior Soffit Ceiling? 

Rockfon UniversalTM Baffle — Available in universal white and 33 exciting colours from the Rockfon Color-all range allowing for creative soffit ceiling design with excellent acoustics performance. 

Rockfon HumitectTM Baffle  — Free-hanging acoustic solutions with class D corrosion resistance, Rockfon Humitect Baffle is ideal for humid or harsh indoor settings, as well as locations that need to be cleaned on a regular basis.  

Rockfon IndustrialTM Baffle  — Acoustic solutions for loud industrial situations that are functional and free hanging. Rockfon IndustrialTM Baffle helps control the level of noise and create relaxing soundscapes.  

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Get to know the benefits of our Exposed Soffit Ceiling Tiles

This video gives you all the information you need on Exposed Soffit Solutions. You'll get an overview of the different solutions we offer, what benefits they give and how they are easily installed.

Rockfon Contour Baffle® — Frameless acoustic baffles suspended from the ceiling absorb noise in a cost-effective and aesthetically beautiful manner, making the area pleasant to focus and fun to collaborate. They're incredibly simple and quick to set up. 

Rockfon Eclipse®  — Innovative and aesthetically beautiful frameless acoustic ceiling island with outstanding sound absorption and provided in a smooth, deep-matt, ultra-white surface with strong light reflection of 87%, light diffusion of >99%, and anti-static capabilities. 

Rockfon Eclipse® — Incorporating Excellent Acoustic Solutions and Unlimited Creativity for Your Interior Soffit Ceiling 

Rockfon Eclipse is the ideal solution to bring a new aesthetic dimension while improving the acoustics — all at the same time — especially in an interior space that has exposed soffit ceiling. The versatile range of stone wool islands come in a variety of custom shapes and an inspiring palette of colours. 

Rockfon Eclipse is well suited for a wide range of applications from offices, education, restaurants to the retail — offering excellent sound absorption. The smooth surface added great thermal measurements gives a high light reflection and light diffusion, while allows airflow to flow freely.  

Rockfon Eclipse is available in custom colours specified using the Natural Colour System® (NCS) to make the acoustic ceiling islands a perfect match. It’s a competitive and versatile island solution as it’s easy and quick to install. It can be hung from different kinds of structures — such as concrete, wood, or steel — using Rockfon spiral anchors and Rockfon Eclipse suspension system. In other words, the flexible possibility along with the wide selection of shapes and colours are every designer’s dream.   

For new builds, Rockfon Eclipse islands are well suited to spaces where suspended ceilings cannot be installed, where the acoustics are particularly challenging, or the design calls for a ceiling that is out of the ordinary. They can also be used to enhance the acoustics of existing or historic buildings, making them the ideal choice for refurbishing projects.