PL, Bialmed Sp. z o.o., Pisz, 3XA, Office, Rockfon Blanka, Rockfon Mono Acoustic, X edge, 1800x600x22, White, Corridor
We needed to optimise natural light
and actively bring it into the offices.

Lionel Salley, Bésuelle & Salley


Use your ceiling to draw in natural light

Rockfon Blanka has high light reflection properties that pushes sunlight deeper into every corner, saving on electricity usage. Not only does this boost the productivity and wellbeing of the occupants, it also allows you to showcase the special details of the interior architecture design.

  Enjoy maximum natural brightness, with 99% light diffusion.
  Draw natural light 11% deeper into a space.
  Increase productivity and focus.
DK, Arboretet, Hørsholm, Claus Francke ApS, School, Rockfon Blanka, X edge, 1200x300, White
Increase your usable area by drawing natural light 11% deeper into any space, thanks to the unique surface of Rockfon Blanka.
Improve office productivity up to 12% by simply creating the right acoustic environment

David M. Sykes


Easy to maintain

Rockfon Blanka® has best-in-class surface durability and an excellent product lifecycle. The unique anti-static coating resists dust and dirt. Simply wipe it with a damp cloth (no detergent required) to keep your ceiling looking as good as the day it was installed.

  Dust and dirt resistant
  Clean without detergents
  15-year warranty
  Resists 100% humidity
NL, Vakgarage Basic Car Fix, Office, Showroom, Rockfon Blanka, A edge, 600x600, Chicago Metallic T15 Hook 2750 Matt White 11

Offices of LE34

Light reflection played a central role in the renovation of the offices of LE34 in Århus, Denmark. The high light reflection and light diffusion properties of Rockfon Blanka ceiling tiles created energy savings and a bright and comfortable indoor environment.

DK-LE34 Finlandsgade,Denmark,Aarhus,ca. 700 m²,Vision Architect - Morten Loven,Forskningsfondens Ejendomsselskab A/S,Svend Christensen,ROCKFON Blanka,Z-edge,1200x600x20,white

Promote wellness, reduce noise and improve speech intelligibility

Enhance room-to-room sound insulation

Promote wellness, reduce noise and improve speech intelligibility

Enhance room-to-room sound insulation