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20230516 RW-RF PHO 9360
Company news
15 Aug 2023

Rockfon Partners with Archival Studies for Reusable Exhibition Display Concept

Crafted out of plywood, the multi-use stand is an effort to support the transition towards a waste-free future in the events industry.

20201124 RW-RF PHO 007146
Product news
09 Mar 2023

Rockfon CleanSpace: Hygiene Acoustic Solution for Your Well-being

The Rockfon® CleanSpace™ range includes four acoustic ceiling tiles that are designed for environments with various hygienic requirements.

Rockfon Mono Architectural Selection-37
Product news
06 Feb 2023

Timeless Design for Your Interiors

Design your interior with an elegant, timeless ceiling that never goes out of style and captures unwanted noise.

Rockfon Eclipse Customised - Video animation #2
Product news
26 Jan 2023

Custom Design: How to Bring Creativity in a Flexible Office Space

Support your flexible office hubs with custom shape and colour, combined with high quality sound absorption. Together let your imagination run free.

Rockfon Hub Environment #4
19 Jan 2023

Focus on Multipurpose: How to Promote a Flexible Office Space

Create flexible working hubs or zones, where people can think, talk, work, and collaborate in peace, with high-quality sound absorption solutions.

Rockfon Canva Wall Panel - Office Environment #4
Product news
16 Jan 2023

From Privacy to Collaboration: Bring Flexibility into Your Interiors

Add a contemporary design statement and flawless acoustics while ensuring flexibility in your interior design with Rockfon Canva

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