Rockfon® Canva: Statement Design with Flawless Acoustics

With bold, contemporary artwork, and powerful acoustics, Rockfon Canva creates picture perfect designs and peaceful workspaces that maximise privacy while boosting collaboration.

rockfon canva

Rockfon® Canva wall panels in color "Sage", "Eucalyptus", and "Azure"

A Holistic Approach to Encourage Employees Return to the Office

As pre-pandemic workplace foot traffic remains stubbornly low for many companies, employers are refurbishing their workspaces to incentivise their colleagues physically back into the office. Surveys and anecdotal evidence shows that most people would prefer a hybrid model of working 2-3 days in the office per week, appreciating the benefits of physically being in the office without the burden of a 5 day a week commute.

Judging by the volume of office sector refurbishments, it’s clear that both office developers and office occupiers are spending serious money on upgrading their spaces to make them a more positive human-based office place.

'The perfect artwork with fire-resistance giving you a smart way to create flexible, feel-good spaces', said Marie Oskarsson, Rockfon’s Product Manager.

Human-Centric Workspace for Privacy, Flexibility, and Well-Being

Rigid office density calculations of a c.4.6m2 allocation of floorspace per person are most definitely out and a much more flexible physical layout is in. Sitting at the same desk all day is becoming quaint, when an employee has the opportunity to move freely around the office to find the perfect spot, depending on what type of work they’re doing. This is not new - some businesses embraced it years ago - but post-Covid, it is fast becoming a workplace strategy.

Why? Because creating a strong in-office culture stimulates collaboration, cross-department mixing and ultimately innovation. And it attracts and retains talent. If you have a task requiring hard concentration for a few hours, there are quiet spaces for that. Set up a meeting with a colleague, you can take the sofa in the boardroom or the kitchen. Working on a group project, head to one of the collaboration spaces, in an office or in an open plan environment. This is a shift from rigid zones of desks/cellular offices/break out areas into an environment which prioritises human beings, their specific mood, needs, preferences and well-being.

The physical layout and interior design therefore needs to serve multiple purposes with adaptable furniture and design elements. Zoning areas with different colours is a powerful tool to help create different moods and to stimulate the brain, whilst choosing biophilic materials creates a sense of calm.

For Rockfon, we have been experts in acoustics for over 60 years. We have seen hundreds and hundreds of projects where open plan offices do not work, they are not human-centric, where noise distractions causes stress and a break in concentration which equals less productivity. The research on this is established. We recommend you place acoustics at the centre of your design, and address the issue of privacy.  

Introducing Rockfon® Canva: Piece of Artwork with Flawless Acoustics

We recognised that this growing trend for human-centric, flexible, adaptable workspaces is a challenge for developers and occupiers. We wanted to deliver some solutions, so we have partnered with Danish design company, Akuart to develop Rockfon Canva, a suite of products that combines Class A sound absorption with a contemporary, statement design.

Rockfon Canva is a suite of acoustic wall art, acoustic suspended room dividers and acoustic floor screens which give you a smart way to create flexible spaces that feel good. You can choose from 34 contemporary colours from our “Colours of Wellbeing” palette or use your own customised artwork that suits your brand and visual identity.

The products contain our stone wool products, enveloped by textile covers that are detachable and washable. If you want to change the canvas, you can simply order a new canvas to refresh the look.

The Canva product family has best-in-class sound absorption, which offers a flawless acoustic environment helping people be calm, happy and focused and to perform better in the workspace.

Marie Oskarsson

Rockfon’s Product Manager

Have a play around with the Canva portfolio and custom design your Canva by exploring the endless design possibilities. These provide a bold design element to your interior design, with built-in powerful acoustics. They are easy to move around to  provide instant zoning for your floorplan.  

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