Interior Designer Cecilie von Haffner had a vision for the restaurant, where nature and sustainability are invited in. In a crowded place like restaurant Lade 609, it was important to create a peaceful environment and add the biophilic trend into the interior.

Welcome the Biophilic Trend with Acoustic Comfort

Between Vesterbro and Sydhavnen, you will find the green and sustainable area of BaneGaarden. Despite its location in the middle of the city, the restaurant offers a sense of nature in all aspects. The restaurant Lade 609, as the name suggests, is found in one of the nine old DSB wooden barns, which are renovated both inside and outside. The restaurant's walls are equipped with Rockfon Senses to optimise the acoustics. This is so that the guests can enjoy their experience and it will fit in with the style and aesthetics of the restaurant.

The Interior Designer Cecilie von Haffner says: “It all began with a sustainable idea where we’ve run pure recycling style in everything. When you sit in the restaurant, you’re surrounded by natural shades. And with the acoustic wall panel: Rockfon Senses, crafted from Alpine flowers, everything matches the forest atmosphere.


Otto Busses Vej 45a,
2450 Copenhagen

The acoustic wall panels with floral texture also help to add a little extra colour to the decor. The white, yellow, red, and blue flower petals match the other elements in the decor

Cecilie von Haffner

Interior Designer, Banegaarden


Architect:Cecilie von Haffner
Photographer:Svend Christensen
Dimensions:1160 x 1160

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