Overcoming the Acoustic Surface Challenge

The Kipinä High School building was initially planned to showcase a large, seamless white wall. This expansive wall, treated with Rockfon Mono acoustic solution, spanned from the floor to the ceiling across various levels. However, the Hyvinkää Art Museum's commissioning of a mural from SAV Taidekollektiiv presented a unique challenge: the need for a paint and technique that wouldn't compromise the wall's acoustic properties. Rockfon's Technical Manager Kalle Vuorinen noted, "You cannot paint over the acoustic solution. Such a project had never been done before, so it was interesting to see how the mural could be realised." After collaborative testing, a water-thinned, matte surface M1 furniture paint was finally chosen.

The Artistic Process: A Masterpiece in Making

The execution of the 360 square metre mural required significant planning and innovation. The artwork spanned from the entrance floor to the ceiling, extending across multiple walls. Realising this ambitious vision required a crane, 141 templates, thousands of alignment pins, and three weeks of diligent work. Reflecting on the process, Jesse Pasanen from the SAV Art Collective stated, "We usually make our works by painting with brushes, but it was not possible to paint with brushes on the acoustic surface. It was very interesting when we thought about the implementation of art but at the same time how to save the most absorbent surface."

Drawing Inspiration from Student Life and Personal Experiences

In designing the mural, SAV Taidekollektiiv drew inspiration from their high school memories, current students' thoughts, and collaboration with the building's architect and interior designer. Pasanen elaborated, "When planning the topic of the work, we remembered our own high school days. We wanted to make a rich illustration that we would have enjoyed ourselves."

Harmonising Artwork with Building Design

The mural's colour scheme was intentionally designed to harmonise with the building's interior, maintaining a consistent aesthetic throughout. Nelli Niemi, the building's interior architect, lauded the finished work, stating, "The finished work is really impressive and fits well into the building. In particular, its shape is great, how the mural continues up to the header of the third floor and guides the viewer's gaze."

The acoustic mural at Kipinä High School embodies creativity, innovation, and successful collaboration, contributing not just to the acoustic solution but also reflecting the spirit of the students and the architectural ethos of the school building.

Kipinä high school

Kenkätehtaankatu 1


Kipinä High School, Hyvinkää, Finland

Location:Hyvinkää, Finland
Architect:Arto Peltokangas, Arsatek Oy (Rejlers)
Photographer:Jesse Pasanen
Tiles:Rockfon Mono® Acoustic

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