Elevating Qualities and Facilitating Flow

The introduction of a transparent façade and strategic spatial interventions by Fokkema & Partners revolutionised the building's aesthetics and functionality. Architect Anne de Bruijn reflects, "We recognised the original building's closed appearance and limited interaction with its surroundings. Thus, we envisioned a new entrance building with a transparent façade, allowing for seamless integration with the environment. By thoughtfully enhancing the spatial layout, we fostered improved dynamics and an enriched experience."

The metamorphosis extended to the forecourt, which underwent a captivating transformation into a picturesque park-like setting, forging a harmonious connection between the interior and the outside world. These enhancements synergistically elevate the building's inherent qualities and ensure a smooth flow throughout its spaces.

Crafting an Inviting Environment

Architect Anne de Bruijn vividly describes this atmosphere, stating, "One is immediately immersed in the ambiance of a real piazza, adorned with diverse seats, lounge sofas, and lush greenery. The all-day bar, emanating an ethereal glow, was a hidden gem in the original building that we decided to unveil, seamlessly drawing visitors towards it." Departing from conventional office aesthetics, the designers embraced the Rockfon Color-all ceiling, skilfully infusing the space with a captivating array of nature-inspired hues. This meticulous selection of colours adds to the overall allure, fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere for tenants and visitors alike.

Overcoming Customisation Challenges

The building's distinctive circular design presented ACN Totale Afbouw with an assortment of customisation challenges during the renovation process. Thomas Jacobsen, manager of ACN Totale Afbouw, elucidates, "Tackling the round shape proved to be quite a feat. To surmount this obstacle, we collaborated with a specialised company to meticulously outline the curves of the walls and ceiling. Armed with these precise measurements, we crafted bespoke shanks and tailored ceiling panels on-site." This diligent implementation of custom-made elements, integrated seamlessly with lighting and sprinklers, culminated in an exquisite and streamlined ceiling design, harmoniously complementing the building's architectural finesse.

Sustainability and Integration

Sustainability constituted a vital cornerstone of the renovation project. ACN Totale Afbouw adeptly reconciled the integration of existing and new installations with optimal acoustic quality. Pieter Egelmeers, Project Manager of Van Aken Concepts, Architecture & Engineering, emphasises the project's dedication to sustainability and seamless integration, asserting, "In response to the increasingly stringent requirements for office buildings, we meticulously adapted the installations to meet current standards and preferences. The result is an environmentally conscious, modern structure that seamlessly incorporates cutting-edge amenities." This commitment fosters a conducive and environmentally friendly working environment, elevating the overall experience within the building.  


Rijksweg-West 2
The Netherlands

We stay updated with manufacturers and actively seek innovative materials and colors. This led us to choose the beautiful Clay colour of the Rockfon Color-all ceiling, which complements the other colours used, including green, dark blue, terra, and the original natural stone floor.

Anne de Bruijn

Architect at Fokkema & Partners


Location:Arnhem, Netherlands
Architect:Fokkema & Partners
Photographer:Lucas van der Wee
Tiles:Rockfon Color-all®
Dimensions:2100 x 600

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