NEURO is a network of specialist clinics in Warsaw, dedicated to providing comprehensive multidisciplinary services in neurological diagnostics and rehabilitation. Our mission is to deliver exceptional care to patients and their families throughout the entire therapy process. Crucially, we recognise the pivotal role played by the environment where patients and specialists, such as doctors and physiotherapists, come together.

Designing Interiors for Optimal Healing

The design and acoustics of NEURO's interiors are meticulously crafted to support diagnostic and rehabilitation procedures while enhancing the patient's well-being. Drawing inspiration from the pristine Norwegian fjords and the serene Scandinavian nature, Agnieszka Cybuch, the project’s interior designer, has created spaces that embody minimalism, aesthetics, and tranquility.

NEURO believes that a sense of purity contributes to both comfort and security. Their interiors feature two dominant colors: pure white and soothing turquoise. The bright white Rockfon Blanka acoustic ceiling, renowned for its elegant appearance, perfectly complements this vision. With a high L-white factor of 94.5 and a light reflection of 87%, these tiles allow for exceptional light diffusion, enabling natural light to penetrate 11% deeper into the interior. This emphasis on natural light significantly improves the well-being of our patients and staff. Furthermore, the gentle glow of turquoise floor coverings adds a serene touch to the pristine white walls.

Sound has a significant impact on human health and the effectiveness of rehabilitation. Unnecessary noises and distractions can disrupt patients and physiotherapists during therapy. Therefore, NEURO has prioritised interior acoustics to provide an environment of tranquility and focus. By combining visual comfort with acoustic excellence, we ensure that our clinics are ideal spaces for healing.

Clinic Safety and Hygiene

Compliance with stringent hygiene and safety standards is paramount in medical facilities. With the use of Rockfon Blanka ceiling tiles, they are resistant to the growth of microorganisms. Additionally, their antistatic surface prevents dust accumulation and allows for easy dry or wet cleaning. Furthermore, the Cradle-to-Cradle certificate confirms the positive impact of these tiles on both the environment and human health.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, NEURO remains committed to upholding the highest safety standards. Their specialist clinics are equipped with UVC flow lamps, which possess antiviral, bactericidal, and antifungal properties. These measures significantly enhance the safety of patients and employees. Rockfon's acoustic ceilings also help conceal HVAC installations, while the interior design thoughtfully incorporates alarm systems, Wi-Fi, video monitoring, and audio systems. 

With the Blanka ceiling tiles' flexibility and modularity, we can easily integrate speakers, cameras, access points, vents, and markings indicating escape routes. Moreover, the Blanka ceiling design allows for the integration of lighting fixtures tailored to each room's specific purpose. In consideration of individuals with visual hypersensitivity, our offices feature an RGB lighting system, providing adjustable color and light intensity.

Towards a Healthier Future

The NEURO Clinic logo symbolizes the journey of both the patient and the therapist, represented by two lines intersecting in a single direction. With its simplicity and medical colors, the logo reflects their commitment to placing the patient's health at the forefront. Every step of the process occurs in the most comfortable conditions possible, employing evidence-based medical procedures (EBM).

NEURO Specialist Clinic

Ludwika Rydygiera 6/U9A, 01-793
Warsaw, Poland

The comfortable atmosphere is created by the interior design and appropriately designed acoustic space. In the clinic there is no reverberation, echo or noise penetrating between rooms. In the case of our specialization, silence in offices and appropriate acoustic exposure of the sound background in passageways is extremely important. This effect was achieved also thanks to the Rockfon Blanka acoustic ceiling.

Mariusz Rutczyński

Member of the board and co-owner of NEURO specialist clinics

NEURO specialist clinic

Location:Warsaw, Poland
Interior designer:Agnieszka Cybuch - DFC Polska
Installer:Milmar Marcin Ziemba, Renova Dom Sebastian Król
Tiles:Rockfon Blanka®
Dimensions:1200 x 600

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