So Pop, located in the vibrant 17th arrondissement of Paris, stands as a remarkable testament to the evolving nature of modern workplaces. Transformed from the former Citroën head office, this seven-floor, 32,000 m² building represents Covivio's first post-Covid project, designed to adapt and grow alongside its occupants.

With its ship-like structure and curved lines, So Pop has become an iconic landmark in the midst of a rejuvenating Saint-Ouen district. Amidst its impressive features, the installation of Rockfon Mono Acoustic stands out, revolutionising the concept of collaborative workspaces.

Inspiring Workspaces

As Mélanie Oliveira, Architect at LBBA Architecture, explains, "the curves of this new building gave us an opportunity to 'break the codes' of classic offices and to offer a comfortable and inspiring collaborative experience." The So Pop offices have been thoughtfully crafted to foster efficiency and collaboration while providing an open, bright, and informal atmosphere. The objective was to create inspiring workspaces that easily adapt to new needs and facilitate a harmonious work-life balance.

Seamless Integration and Optimal Acoustics

Mono Acoustic, coveringover 2700 m², played a pivotal role in meeting the project's design and acoustic challenges. Expertly integrated by Fayat Group and IAMA Augagneur-PMG, the solution discreetly incorporated equipment, hatches, and lighting creating a cloud-like effect. Chosen for its ability to enhance natural light, optimize acoustics, and blend with the architecture, Rockfon Mono Acoustic elevates the workspace experience.

Aesthetic Appeal and User Comfort 

Pierre-Adrien Guignetrand, Head of Projects at Covivio, Co-investor and Co-owner of So Pop, states, "Since the offices have been occupied, everyone agrees that the building offers excellent working conditions and comfort to users." The result is a stunning combination of form and function, where Mono Acoustic beautifully complements the architectural vision. The shared reception and living spaces on the ground floor offer a natural and bright connection to the surrounding green spaces, fostering a sense of tranquillity and inspiration.  

So Pop Office Building, Paris, France

Location:Saint-Ouern-sur-Seine, France
Architect:LBBA Architecture, Mélanie Oliveira
Installer:Société Fayat et Augagneur-PMG
Photographer:Jared Chulski
Tiles:Rockfon Mono® Acoustic
Edges:TE Elegant Render

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