The investor, PKO BP, wanted to preserve the building's legacy while creating a sustainable public space and modern building for city inhabitants.

Renowned architects Gowin&Siuta were selected through an international contest, "Changing the Face Rotunda Warsaw 2013", to lead the renovation project. They focused on preserving the building's size, form, and character while restoring its original lightness, translucency, availability, and transparency.

Biophilic Design, Acoustic Efficiency, and Quality Lighting

The investor wanted to create a positive and comfortable space for customers and employees, incorporating biophilic elements, prioritising quality lighting, air, and acoustic efficiency. The interior architecture of the building features numerous biophilic elements such as living walls and natural materials, contributing to a healthier and more productive interior.

The Rockfon Blanka ceiling was selected for the personal and business banking customer service zone on level -1, providing high acoustic comfort on the entire floor. Its elegant and ultra-matte surface diffuses 99% of light and reflects 87%, enhancing overall light comfort and productivity. However, the installation of the ceiling proved challenging due to the rounded shapes of the interior and very low mounting height.

Sustainable Design and Certifications

The building's modernity is evidenced by its BREEAM Excellent and LEED Gold certifications. All building materials and finishing elements meet strict criteria for energy, water, resource savings, and pollution reduction. The Blanka acoustic ceiling tiles are Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver, aligning with the project's sustainability goals.

Rotunda PKO Bank Polski

ulica Marszalkowska 100/102,
00-026 Warsaw

The result is truly stunning. Everyone loves it, and I think it's incredibly well-crafted, with invaluable assistance from the Rockfon experts. Acoustics were of utmost importance for this ceiling solution since it plays a crucial role in noise reduction. We had very high standards and requirements, which were successfully met.

Roman Kuryło


The Bank of Poland - Rotunda

Location:Warsaw, Poland
Interior designer:Jarniewicz Architekci
Installer:Apritech Sp. z o.o.
Photographer:Bartosz Makowski
Tiles:Rockfon Blanka®
Dimensions:1200 x 600

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