The Chicago Metallic™ T24 Suspended Ceiling Grid has Enhanced Corrosion Resistance

May 13, 2020

Our versatile and simple Chicago Metallic suspended ceiling grid T24 is available with enhanced corrosion resistance (ECR), perfect for humid and harsh indoor environments.

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Aqua Lublin, Poland

Harsh environments

Ideal for harsh indoor environments like swimming pools, kitchens and spaces that need to be cleaned regularly, the Chicago Metallic T24 ECR grid and its accessories are available with a Corrosion Resistance Class D.

To ensure the integrity and reliability of the grid system once it’s installed, it should be used in combination with other specific ECR (Enhanced Corrosion Resistance) accessories.

The T24 grid system is stronger than ever and has the ability to last

The Chicago Metallic T24 ECR grid has extra protection against corrosion due to its two-sided layer of 275 grams of zinc/sqm and an additional two-sided 25μ polyester coating. This is a frame that can withstand particularly hazardous and aggressive environments where exposure to moisture, vapours and temperature changes can affect the stability of the ceiling.

This is a great solution when combined with a Rockfon ceiling tile because they are dimensionally stable at high humidity levels and temperature ranging from 0°C to 40°C.

Practical beauty

Available in standard white, the system fits with multiple Rockfon ceiling edges, offering both visible, semi-concealed and concealed grid ceiling solutions. The ECR grid allows you to easily demount a tile for fast access to above-ceiling services.

The grid comprises click or joggle end connections between main runner and cross tees, which provide quick and easy installation as well as being demountable. The main runners and cross tees are 24 mm wide with a uniform depth of 38mm, ensuring good strength and easy service integration.

What are you getting?

  • Built for harsh indoor environments like; swimming pools, kitchens and sanitary areas
  • It has Enhanced Corrosion Resistance Class D
  • The tiles are fully demountable, providing easy and fast access to above-ceiling services.

Looking for an open plenum solution?

We’ve recently updated our Rockfon acoustic baffle range. The Rockfon Humitec® Baffle is a free-hanging acoustic solution that can be installed using either a T24 Solution, for a rigid connection to your acoustic baffle, or with our ECR Direct Fixing Bracket Solution that enables easy alignment and one suspension point for two baffles.  Watch how to install our Rockfon Humitec Baffle. You can check out our installation video or download our Rockfon Humitec System Description.







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Rockfon® System Humitec Baffle™

Flexible free-hanging acoustic solutions, perfect for humid or harsh indoor environments or for areas that require regular cleaning