An adhesive-bonded acoustic ceiling solution - now that sounds beautiful

September 18, 2020

Tada! Discover our Rockfon® System B Adhesive™ that can also be installed directly to either a wall or ceiling using an adhesive. Quick and easy, it is a great way to bring acoustic comfort to a space that just wouldn’t suit a traditional suspended acoustic ceiling.

acoustic ceiling

Did you know that in the world of acoustic ceiling and wall solutions that you can choose to install them using an adhesive? Enter our Rockfon System B Adhesive. It’s the ideal solution for improving the indoor climate in areas with low ceilings or which require a minimalistic design. This direct mounted acoustic solution is flexible and versatile. Sounds beautiful right?

A refined look for a wall or ceiling

The new Rockfon System B Adhesive has four-sided painted edges for an elegant finish. This feature is designed to give you an optimal connection between the panels. This means that you can evenly line up your acoustic solution side-by-side or you can choose to leave a space between them, without having to worry that the visible outer edges might spoil your design finish.


A great adhesive solution to enable optimal acoustics

The architects behind the DaCapo College renovation used natural materials and an individual approach for each space to achieve a contemporary feel and a pleasant acoustic environment. The solution was Rockfon Blanka® Activity in a B-edge, which is ideal for glueing. The B-edge allowed the architects to glue the tiles in a tight pattern on the wall and achieve the acoustic values that he wanted. 

DaCapo College - Sittard, Netherlands

NL, Case study DaCapo College, Sittard, Povse en Timmermans Architecten en Ingeneurs, Education, Rockfon Contour, AC-edge, 1200x600x50, White, Light Industry

Versatility built-in

Rockfon System B Adhesive is built to deliver flexibility. It can be used on the ceiling or on the wall, bringing a minimal aesthetic finish to your space. Which would complement your vision the best? What’s for sure is that you will be happy with the finish.

Other highlights

• You can install horizontally, vertically or sloping
• You can install in patterns, islands or cover the entire ceiling
• You can install directly on different types of soffits
• It is fast and easy to install
• Dust-free installation

NL, Case study DaCapo College, Sittard, Povse en Timmermans Architecten en Ingeneurs, Education, Rockfon Blanka Activity, B-edge, 1200x600, White, Rockfon System Adhesive B

Looking for a glued acoustic solution for your ceiling or walls? This is it. Have a look at our new Rockfon System B Adhesive solution and see how easy it is.

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