Well-Being Design: Interact and Connect with Nature with Rockfon® Lamella

Inspired by biophilic design trends, our new product Rockfon Lamella combines natural wood with powerful sound absorption properties to create healthy and happy spaces.

Rockfon Lamella in office settings

Rockfon Lamella in light oak in office meeting room

An escalating environmental crisis and the recent Covid-19 pandemic has given sustainability and well-being a tremendous amount of attention, driving green architecture and the use of natural building materials to the next level.

The Rise of the Sustainable Biophilic Design Trend

Biophilic design trends have gained traction as they have proven benefits for our physical and mental wellbeing. By introducing nature into our spaces — like wood, water, natural lights, and plants — biophilic design practices are a more environmentally friendly choice and improve spaces so we feel more relaxed and comfortable in them.

Nature-based design, biophilic design or anything that is linked to simple, green living will be trending for the coming years. This is based on the desire to act on the big environmental challenges we are experiencing and to respect nature as the foundation for life.

Christian Klinge

Innovation Director at Rockfon

As shown in many studies, interacting with nature triggers physical and mental health benefits, such as lowering our blood pressure and heart rate which makes us able to relax more easily. Nature stimulates the brain, so it is logical that biophilic design can improve our cognitive functions which in turn increases our creativity and productivity levels (1).

The Positive Impact of Wood on Health and Well-Being

Products made of wood have been shown to provide several health benefits. Aside from the fact that the timber has already absorbed carbon from the atmosphere, , being in an environment with more wooden features and furniture can support good health.

The presence of wood in the workplace is positively correlated to lower absenteeism and higher job satisfaction. In one study, it correlated with decreasing blood pressure and heart rate, as employees felt connected with nature. Workers also reported better concentration, more optimism, less stress, and greater productivity when their office included exposed wood(2).

In healthcare settings, it has restorative properties that improve patient recovery. Wood also adds a welcoming feel to the atmosphere. Students who learn in classrooms featuring wood interiors experience less stress and have better learning outcomes. Seeing nature and wood up close every day, it helps with their emotional intelligence and environmental citizenship(3)

Wood not only connects us to nature, it also offers aesthetic, structural, and environmental benefits. The exposed wood surface provides a natural warmth and balances out moisture and humidity(2). The US Environmental Protection Agency found that hardwood floors improve indoor air quality and prevent dust, mould, and allergens from accumulating when compared to other flooring options such as carpets.

Green living requires a better-balanced relationship with the natural world around us. Now’s the time to start taking responsibility, also in the design industry.

Christian Klinge

Innovation Director at Rockfon

The Combination of Natural Elements and Acoustic Solution: Rockfon® Lamella

Combining the beauty of wood with Rockfon’s sound absorbing panels made from stone wool, Rockfon Lamella creates calm interiors inspired by nature. With a choice of sizes and wood veneers in any combination – from warm golden to cool blond or earthy dark – Rockfon Lamella gives you complete design freedom with over 650,000 design combination possibilities in a standard wall module. From quiet zones to reading rooms, this product range can offer the perfect vibe in modern and flexible spaces.

Rockfon Lamella enables architects and interior designers to specify highly customized designs in very small volumes, whilst staying on time and in budget. Until now, creating unique designs in relatively small volumes was impossible - forcing you to specify the same highly standardised panels used for the residential market. This meant low quality materials: MDF & polyester, and zero design freedom. Rockfon Lamella changes all that - for the first time, you're able to compose unique visual rhythms for different spaces and projects – with a ready to ship solution’, said Sven van Ool, Rockfon Product Manager.

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