Muted colours enrich a modern restaurant

In one of Stockholm’s most chic neighbourhoods, you’ll find Astoria House, which was built in the 1870s and is now beautifully restored and converted into a restaurant that opened it’s doors on March 2021.

Operated by the Frantzén Group, with star chef Björn Frantzén at the helm, Brasserie Astoria is a swanky restaurant with an international feel. The cinema’s old foyer serves as the new entrance for the restaurant, and when you walk into the space, you are struck by the rich colours, wood columns, a mixture of wood and marble flooring and a feel of luxury. Joyn Studio took a lot of inspiration from the era when the Astoria cinema first opened, respecting the original architecture and interior design.

A sound environment is essential in restaurants

Dining in a restaurant is more than just about great and exciting food and design; it’s about creating special moments with the people you’re with. This includes people at the table being able to hear each other properly without having to raise their voice. When people are forced to speak loudly it forces others to do the same and noise levels quickly escalate. It is a very common occurrence and is known as the Lombard Effect.

While still respecting the original architecture of the building, Joyn Studio opted for Rockfon Mono Acoustic in muted colours to manage the acoustics. Ida Wanler from Joyn Studio explains: “The green and red colours used in the suspended ceiling was inspired from the details found in the original interiors, and it fits very well in the new space because we’ve kept some of the original detailing. The inner part of the bar has no daylight, so we wanted to give this space its own unique design that plays with light and shadow and the colours from the suspended ceilings throughout the day. Together with the mature plants, the colours and design give a feeling of warmth that you would find in a conservatory or an orangery.” 

Brasserie Astoria

Östermalmstorg 15
114 39 Stockholm

The green and red colours used in the suspended ceiling in different parts of the restaurant was inspired from the original details of the cinema.

Ida Wahler

Joyn Studio

Brasserie Astoria

Location:Stockholm, Sweden
Contractor:Niklas Alterlund
Installer:Allakustik Underbara Tak
Tiles:Rockfon Mono® Acoustic

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