Creating optimal healing environments

The creation of healing environments forms part of a humanistic approach to architecture where design and acoustic comfort help to create optimum healing environments that support and enhance the care and treatment given. Patients, visitors and healthcare professionals are at the heart of this design process.

When designing a healthcare facility, designers need to understand how and why spaces can become therapeutic to those occupying them. How individuals perceive these environments is the key concern of the designer and influences the way they select materials, including acoustic ceilings.

Improved acoustics to enjoy social moments

The atrium of elderly home De Schuylenburgh in the Netherlands is used for social events or just to drink a coffee with fellow inhabitants. There were a lot of complaints about the noise, which was caused by the shape and volume of the atrium and also the use of hard smooth materials. Ceiling installer Fleurbaaij Totaal Afbouw came up with the solution to install Rockfon Eclipse ceiling islands as wall panels, which significantly improved the acoustics in the room. Creating comfortable, safe and nurturing patientcare environments for the residents of De Schuylenburgh elderly home was a priority for the architects.

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