Rockfon® Mono®Acoustic: More than just a ceiling

March 6, 2017

Modern monolithic architecture calls for undisturbed, expressive surfaces. Modern building design requires good acoustics, convenience and flexibility. Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic brings the two together with amazing results.

Shape Your World, Rockfon Mono Acoustic, campaign brochure
Puerto Venecia shopping retail ROCKFON Mono Acoustic TE 2012

Shopping centre in Puerto Venecia, Spain, featuring Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic

The Word,United Kingdom,South Shields,1.100m²,Steve Dickson,Senior Director at Faulkner Browns Architects,Daniel Reilly at Reilly Ceiling and Drywall,Ben Clarkson,Group Photographer for Bowmer and Kirkland,ROCKFON® Mono® Acoustic

The Word, National Centre for the Written Word, South Shields Library, UK, featuring Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic seamless ceiling system

SDU Det Teknologiske fakultet,DK,Odense,C. F. Møller A/S,Bygningsstyrelsen,Svend Christensen,ROCKFON Mono Acoustic

Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic installed in the main hall at the University of Southern Denmark

The latest generation of Rockfon Mono Acoustic is more than a seamless acoustic ceiling, it is a surface solution designed to enrich the beauty of monolithic design while delivering a world of practical benefits. Here are just five of its many advantages:

  • Smoother than ever:  Made with marble powder, the new Elegant render produces a smoother, more refined surface that perfectly complements any interior design.
  • Brighter and whiter:  The new surface has a light reflection of 87%, creating a comfortable work environment and an extremely white surface with an L-value of 94.5.
  • Any space, any project:  Rockfon Mono Acoustic is suitable for large and small projects because it can be installed as seamless spans, ceiling islands or walls. It is ideal for retail, offices, education and public areas.
  • Shape it anywhere:  It can be installed sloping, flat or curved—in a suspension grid or directly mounted—as a ceiling or on walls.
  • Class A (αw: 0.95-1.00) sound absorption:  Eliminates the need for other sound absorbing materials and keeps your monolithic design as pure as possible.

By using our network of certified installers, you benefit from high quality service from start to finish, which further protects your investment.

When your monolithic design requires more than just a ceiling, it is time to consider Rockfon Mono Acoustic.

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