Five Ways to Promote Well-being through Interior Design

The subtleties of interior design undoubtedly have enormous effects on our health and well-being. With us spending more than 90% of our time indoors, it’s time to start exploring some key elements that make us feel relaxed, calm, and happy.


Rockfon Mono Acoustics in SEB Bank & Pension, Copenhagen, Denmark

It’s very easy to incorporate Rockfon Senses into your design. The range of wall panels come in a choice of five natural surfaces – from fresh spring florals to delicate fallen leaves or textured alpine hay. After picking the surface that compliments your space, the installation takes only a few minutes, it is just as easy as hanging a mural on the wall. Plug and play. Invite a piece of nature into your space and enjoy the calm and stress relief that green surroundings offer with class A noise absorbing properties.

Marie Oskarsson

Product Manager at Rockfon
Rockfon Lamella Meeting Room - Render

Rockfon Lamella in light oak in office

Rockfon Mono Acoustic provides 87% light reflection and 99% light diffusion - thereby also improving the natural light coverage of any room. This in turn reduces the need for harsh artificial lighting. Studies have shown that the more natural daylight you’re exposed to during the day, the better you sleep at night – so spending time in a space featuring Rockfon Mono Acoustic has a positive impact on individual wellness not only whilst in the building, but also long after you’ve left.

Frank Winters

Head of Product Management, Rockfon
Organic, Functional, Aesthetic. You can have it all.

Teemu Rekonen

Rockfon Design Team
Rockfon Mono Acoustic - Architectural Selection

Rockfon Mono Acoustic in Amsterdam Court House

The Canva product family have best-in-class sound absorption, creating flawless acoustic environment helping people perform better, to be calm, happy and focused on the workspace. The perfect artwork with fire-resistance gives you a smart way to create flexible, feel-good spaces. It has been a pleasure to cooperate with Danish design company Akuart to develop the Canva product line.

Marie Oskarsson

Product Manager
Rockfon Canva Wall Panel - Office Environment #1

Rockfon Canva wall panels in the colors "Sage", "Eucalyptus", and "Azure"

Rockfon Hub Environment #4

Rockfon Hub in coloured tiles from "Colours of Wellbeing"

The performance of our Eclipse products is simply outstanding. It’s up to you to design now. You can underline your corporate design communication with introducing colours in the office or use it as wayfinding to direct your occupants or guests with these customised islands. You have complete freedom to design how you want, and I can’t wait to see what your creativity will bring to your interior with these new options.

Marie Oskarsson

Product Manager

Rockfon Eclipse Customised in a custom design and shape. Rockfon Senses with the surface "leaves".