A school with an emphasis on acoustic quality and a modern look

It is a school with a long tradition — the primary school began its mission in 1931. The school focuses mainly on aesthetic education, namely music and art. Teaching takes place in professional classrooms and combines theory with practice. A school orchestra is also part of the school. The school emphasizes modern forms of teaching and is involved in international projects. In addition, the elementary school includes a nursery school and an after school club. Within the extracurricular education, pupils may choose from a wide range of after school activities.

All the children play fipple flutes, which they start to learn in the 1st grade. Most pupils also attend the primary art school, where they choose another musical instrument, which they can use in the school orchestra. 

Moreover, the school focuses on environmental education, cooperates with eco-centres, and leads pupils to ecological thinking and a healthy lifestyle. It also supports pupils in learning two foreign languages. 

From the above mentioned focus of the school, it is clearly visible that the greatest emphasis of the client of the reconstruction was placed on the acoustic quality and modern appearance of the materials used.

Acoustic ceilings made it possible to meet legislative requirements for reverberation time

The elementary school is housed in two buildings in Prague 9, with classrooms, a dining hall, a gymnasium and an open-air pitch. The renovation of the original building was completed in November 2020. The architectural office Architektonická kancelář Křivka s.r.o. strived to meet the legislative requirements for reverberation time on school premises and to promote clean spaces and design further. 

Taking into account the client’s as well as the architect’s requirements, we recommended installing highly absorbent white ceilings in the school premises, which provide the right acoustics, and functionality and are easy to install.

Ing. Lucie Bajerová

Area Sales Manager CZ/SK, Rockfon

General Fajtl DFC Elementary School, Prague, Czech Republic

Location:Prague, Czech Republic
Architect:Architektonická kancelář Křivka s.r.o.
Interior designer:Architektonická kancelář Křivka s.r.o.
Installer:BOHUC stav s.r.o.
Photographer:Pavel Růžička
Tiles:Rockfon Blanka®, Rockfon Blanka® Bas, Rockfon VertiQ®, Rockfon® Artic
Edges:A24, C
Dimensions:600 x 600, 2400 x 600

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