New building for the top quality university hospital transfusion centre

After its renovation and the annexe of other sections and separate buildings, University Hospital Hradec Králové has become the largest hospital in the Hradec Králové Region. Its wealth of technological and medical equipment means it is one of the best hospitals in the country. As a university hospital, it participates in teaching students from Charles University’s Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové. Due to a number of highly specialised departments, it provides health care for the inhabitants of Hradec Králové and the related region, but in some cases for other regions of the country as well. It consists of 24 clinics.

The construction of a transfusion centre within the hospital was the main focus. The original transfusion centre no longer met the requirements of modern medicine, so it was decided to demolish it and build an entirely new building. Construction of the new modern pavilion began in the second half of August 2019, and in December 2020, blood donors headed there for the first time. The transfusion centre takes blood and blood components from unpaid blood donors. They then process, test, and deliver the transfusion products to hospital wards, where patients receive them.

Emphasis on the well-being of hospital visitors

The new building was designed by DOMY s. r. o. , a well-known Prague architectural company which focuses mainly on healthcare projects. The interiors were designed by another well-known architectural studio, Atelier 99 s.r.o.

When creating the project, the architects were aware that it was not only the medical “functionality” of the building that was essential for visitors, but that the same emphasis must be placed on the design and aesthetics of the interior spaces. Visitors must feel comfortable, and the fear the hospital setting may evoke in many people must be minimised as much as possible. Therefore, the architects decided to take a modern approach to the project's overall design, as opposed to traditional hospital designs. In particular, they divided the space into a medical area, where medical procedures take place, and a public area. In the latter, the emphasis was on aesthetics and the overall comfort of the space. This has been provided by the design linear ceiling of Rockfon® Sonar® Z-edge, which completes the stylish reception area and which in itself attracts the attention of people entering the building. The high acoustic absorption of the Rockfon ceilings is also a great advantage, ensuring patient well-being, comfort, and calm. Within these spaces, the architects sensibly prioritised people and their pleasant feelings over the austerity and seriousness of the setting.

Other priorities were self-evident in the spaces designed for medical procedures and follow-up processes. This is why ceilings with hygienic properties and an emphasis on cleanliness, like for example Rockfon® MediCare® Plus, were used in the consulting rooms, laboratories, and transfusion rooms.


The new transfusion centre building meets the strictest requirements for manufacturers of human blood-based medicines and laboratories in transfusiology and immunohaematology.

MUDr. Vít Řeháček, Ph.D.

Transfusion Centre Senior Consultant University Hospital Hradec Králové

University Hospital Transfusion Centre, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Location:Hradec Králové, Czechia
Architect:DOMY s. r. o.
Interior designer:Atelier 99 s.r.o.
Installer:GIPSTAV s.r.o.
Photographer:Pavel Růžička
Tiles:Rockfon MediCare® Plus, Rockfon Sonar®, Rockfon® Tropic
Edges:A24, E24, X, Z
Dimensions:600 x 600, 1200 x 300, 1200 x 600

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