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Why Ceiling Sound Baffles and How to Install Them in Your Next Project

March 22, 2022

With acoustic baffles from Rockfon, you can exploit several benefits from improved acoustics, design freedom and enhanced daylight, to easy installation and maintenance. In this article, we highlight some of the benefits and illustrate the easy installation process.

Youseum museum using acoustic baffles to enhance their ceiling while improve acoustics

Rockfon® Universal™ Baffle used in Youseum Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

When building new or renovating, there are many factors that need to be considered — such as visual aesthetics, functionality of the solutions, ease of installation, and the like. Uniting all these requirements can be a challenging and time-consuming task. 

For the acoustic ceiling, there are many options and solution types to consider, from suspended ceilings to islands and baffles, each of them has its own advantages in relation to the needs of the specific build. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Ceiling Sound Baffles 

One of the increasingly popular acoustic solutions are ceiling baffles. Free-hanging acoustic baffles are great for certain type of installations and can come with several benefits such as: 

  • According to studies, natural light has also been shown to promote work performance, work conditions, and comfort. Ceiling sound baffles represent the perfect solution when wanting daylight to enter unhindered, for example via windows located in the roof space. Rockfon’s ceiling baffles delivers high light reflection and light diffusion by up to 85%. This can result in annual energy savings of up to 22.75%.  

  • The alignment and spacing of individual sound baffles can be determined by the designer. Plus, Rockfon’s acoustic baffles come in a wide range of sizes and edges. Furthermore, within our portfolio of acoustics baffles, Rockfon® Universal™ is available in 34 exclusive colours reflecting “Colours of Wellbeing”. Overall, Rockfon’s ceiling sound baffles allow total design freedom, where you can enhance the interior design scheme within each ceiling. 


  • These free-hanging acoustic baffles, with their best-in-class sound absorption, can create a collaborative tranquil environment where people can feel joyful, comfortable, and productive. 
  • Our ceiling sound baffles are suspended vertically and so do not block the ceiling soffit, thereby allowing the soffit to be sufficiently exposed if required to act as a thermal mass for heating and/or cooling the building. That is to say, these sound baffles are an ideal solution when design or renovate a noisy interior space, where frequent or unhindered access to services located in the ceiling soffit needs to be maintained. 

With today's demand for human-centric, flexible, and adaptable workspaces, we feel that interior space design should be adjusted for many moods, functions, and brands. Fortunately, our acoustic baffles can be installed with minimal disruption. In other words, they represent a very fast and cost-efficient means to bring both character and acoustic harmony to multipurpose, modern interiors.  

With our installation videos and step-wise guidance, you can install our ceiling sound baffles perfectly in your next installation and exploit the benefits above. Watch the video below to see how. 

NO, Stålgården, ARC Arkitekter, Office, Rockfon Multiflex Baffle, 1200x300, white, Rockfon System T24 Baffle

Installation video

How to install Rockfon® System Universal Baffle™ using Design Suspension kits

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Our Portfolio of Acoustic Baffles 

At Rockfon, our acoustic baffles portfolio covers the following solutions for different applications: 

  • Rockfon Contour® - Cost-efficient and beautiful, frameless acoustic baffles, ideal for improving acoustics in thermal mass areas or when frequent and uninterrupted access to services is required. Rockfon Contour is also humidity and sag resistance even at humidity levels of up to 100% relative humidity and can be installed at all temperatures ranging from 0°C to 40°C. 
  • Rockfon® Universal™ - Creative and innovative ceiling sound baffles, available in universal white and the 33 inspiring colours from the Rockfon Color-all® range 

  • Rockfon Humitec® - Easy to install free-hanging acoustic baffles, excellent light reflection and light diffusion, class D corrosion resistance which is perfect for humid environments — such as swimming pool areas and places that require regular cleaning. It is also specially treated to provide enhanced durability and dirt resistance. 

  • Rockfon® Industrial™ - Functional free-hanging acoustic baffles to soften noise from loud machinery in industrial environments